All Mid-Pen High School age group players are highly encouraged to swim on their high school swim teams during swim season. A balanced approach of swim conditioning and water polo is a great combination and will help guard against injury over the long summer and fall seasons. California high school water polo players have a long history lettering in both swimming and water polo and representing their schools in league and CIF section finals. We expect our players to swim hard and get fast and strong in preparation for the high level summer tournaments and the High School Fall water polo season. February is a great month to log serious base yardage.

[At M-A high school in particular, the swim team is fortunate to have two great coaches in Jane Warden and Laura Reynolds. Jane is a renowned swimmer and triathlete. She routinely beats a field of several hundred swimmers in the famous Alcatraz Challenge, swimming 2-miles through the frigid slop and chop from Alcatraz to Crissy Field. She is often the 1st or 2nd person out of the water. Laura Reynolds  is a local legend in masters water polo, and a former Olympic trials finalist where she swam the 200 Fly, a crazy persons race by any measure.]

Swim coaches know about the conditioning needs of water polo players. If you listen to your coaches and do their workouts, YOU WILL GET STRONG AND YOU WILL GET FAST. The swim coaches in our area have been very accommodating to Mid-Pen WPC and are friends of our team. Do the right thing for yourself, your school, your water polo club, and your dedicated coaches by swimming hard and swimming fast on your High School swim team this spring.

If you don’t think that swimming will make you a better water polo player, take it from two of the best in the world, Wolf Wigo and Tony Azevedo

Looking forward to a great winter session.