Good news, we have a B19U KAP7 team! We are still waiting to see if we can fill out a 16s team, but we have at least one team going. KAP7 will be a busy weekend. We will stay in Laguna Beach and play at close-by venues in Orange County. Team Dinner will be in Laguna, and we are trying to arrange for a team workout on Friday. Tournament is Saturday/Sunday. You will fly home Sunday night so you will have one more day of the weekend left before heading back to school. Further details and supplemental training for KAP7 team to follow… stay tuned.

KAP7 BU19 Roster as of 1/24/15 (Roster will be capped at 12)

  1. Alex Hakanson
  2. Mostyn Fero
  3. Jorge Pont
  4. Jack Beasley
  5. Alec Berquist
  6. Matheus Santos
  7. Spencer Gran
  8. Davos Paquin
  9. Jackson Goudey
  10. Christian Huhn