I hope you had a good break and are excited to get back in the water next week for the second half of the winter session! 

The M-A pool is still having some work done on it and it will not be done until 1/16.  As a result, we will be moving our practices to Gunn next week where we will be scrimmaging against the Shoreline club.  There will be a slight change to the schedule, but this will only be for next week.  We will be sending 2 different groups to Gunn on the different days. Each group will go twice. Group 1 will go on Monday and Wednesday, group 2 will go on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please see groups below:

Group 1: Monday and Wednesday @ Gunn 4-6pm

Antonino Luca

Batista Joey

Blohm Jake

Brosius Zachariah

Brosius Noah

Chad Colin

Constantz Dominic

Garlock Nicholas

Hadidi Alex

Kaminsky Thomas

Kaminsky Mark

Kaminsky Solomon


Mead   Adam

Meyers Otto

Nybo Torsten

Palacious Jesse


Sakamoto Colin

Vanderhoven Joe

Wong Andrew

Group 2: Tuesday and Thursday at Gunn 4-6pm

Alimukhamedov Shon

Caryotakis Nik

DeHaaf Zach

Dzotsendize Ilia

Fatica Giorgio

Ferrick Ben

Gran Cooper

Heller Michael

Holzrichter Willem

Hovsmith Nick

Lewis Tyler

Lobdell Chris

Maxwell Andy

Nasr Elias

O'Connor David

Smith Noah

Vaughn Cameron

Vaughn Duncan

 Vigdorchik  Levi

Zheng Aaron

Please let me know if I left anyone off or if you cannot make it.  Again I apologize for the change. Group 1 I will see you Monday at Gunn. Group 2 I will see you Tuesday. 


Brandon Johnson